Saturday, September 17, 2016

Etwinning Quality Label

Seven days ago, I received a very heart-warming e-mail announcing that our project (me and 25 educators from around Europe) were awarded the quality label for our project "Tell Me Your Story". I do like to present this award in return to many inspiring members at the CNTE, to my students and to my family and to my inspiring colleagues. We worked together on the project for the whole year, we enjoyed exchanging views, learning from each other, connecting and working jointly on similar goals. The experience was rewarding to a very large extent. We had the pleasure to exchange handicraft cards, sing a song in the language of one of our partners ( in our case Romanian) and write a story in which we invite our guests to visit the most interesting sites in Tunisia.
Last but not least, Thank you Etwinning Tunisia for supporting us. Thank you CNTE staff for all your efforts.