Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Retro-Teaching Techniques- A webinar by Jamie Keddie

I have been away for long and I do miss this corner, which helps me find my stability in hard times . Fortunately, I am back with some interesting notes I took at the inspiring webinar by Jamie Keddie, a teacher, writer and a presenter. His areas of interest include the use of visual materials and storytelling in the classroom.

   Jamie Keddie, whom, I ,personally, met for the first time , at Tesol Arabia 2014, is a lively and a creative teacher and presenter.Here is the link to his presentation at Tesol Arabia 2014:

Do not miss watching it because Jamie presents an activity ; which is an extract of his new book : Videotelling. 
    From that time, I can not deny that I was influenced by his own teaching practices. If you want to know more about his teaching-related practices and views , just subscribe to his site : Videotelling.org, and to his youtube channel and why not have a wonderful tour at his lessonstream.org  http://lessonstream.org/ and get inspired by the multitude of lesson plans he designed using videos.
   Attending webinars helps me re-connect with ELT professionals and teachers from all over the world and exchange views. The latest webinar given by Jamie Keddie, is about the Retro-teaching Techniques  I have just copied some of the slides Jamie shared and I hope you benefit from them as well In case, you miss some of the important points, remarks Jamie made, I invite you to watch the recording

   Thanks to webinars, professional development is accessible to any teacher, wherever he may be.