Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Dear Readers/ Teachers everywhere:

Wish you all a fruitful New Year full of:

1-New learning. May you never stop learning no matter how tough , complex is the new learning .

2-New mistakes. The more we commit, the more we understand the goals we have planned and how efficient were the strategies we applied.

3-New ventures. Try to plan new projects you have been afraid to accomplish. The more we try new ventures, the more we keep fear away from our life.

4- New people. Embrace new spirits and share your insights with them.

5-Collaboration.Collaborate with everyone who's ready to share and care.

6-Motivation.Ignore those who keep demotivating you and thinking of you in small terms.

7-Empathy. Befriend those who are positive and don't forget to thank those who are by your side, who are lifting you higher.

8-New aims. Aim high and you will shine from within.
Happy New Year