Thursday, January 31, 2013

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My reflections on my enrolment in the Digital Storytelling EVO session

This is the third week and though I am deadly busy with the work, the kids, the responsibilities as a mother and a wife, I still find some time for my online class. During these three weeks, I've learnt new skills and I hope I will learn more. 
What I learnt :
*No matter how different are our teaching environments, there's always something new to learn and apply.
* How to log on in a webinar, which seemed a dream to me, in the past! 
*Trying as many online tools as possible and sharing ideas about the efficiency of these tools. 
*Hearing from the teachers' experiences across the globe helps me visualise what I can do to boost my skills as a teacher fascinated by technology so as to foster my student's learning and help them achieve their best.
*In order to develop as a teacher, one has to keep record of one's experiences and reflections!
*A teacher who does not learn new ideas will be swept over by the continuous changes happening every second.
*A teacher who experiments more tends to learn more than those who are afraid of making their first experiments in trying new ideas in their teaching! 
* A teacher who learns to hear his learners' outcries & needs will never stop learning.
*We might be teaching in different areas in the world, but if we're concerned about our learners, our paths would cross and we would learn much from each other.  
*Today, we need more and more connected teachers to care and share.